Welcome to Farm Kid Studios, the intersection of homegrown creativity and professional imagery. Born with a farmer’s ingenuity and educated with an architect’s eye, principal photographer Brandon Stengel cultivates memorable images of the urban, the rural, and the spaces in between.

Raised in northeast South Dakota, a place named for every direction except the proverbial old west work ethic which defines it, Brandon is currently based in northeast Minneapolis, a thriving arts community largely populated by other creatives who find themselves one generation off the farm.

He received a Master’s Degree in Architecture in 2005 and has 10 years of design experience in the midwest. During that time he has built a trusted reputation in the design community for his ability to uniquely envision iconic images for each project. This dynamic creativity, paired with the latest in full-frame digital equipment and perspective-correction lenses, has produced award-winning photographs featured in local, national, and international design publications.

Currently, Stengel is a frequent contributor to Architecture Minnesota magazine. He learned to drive a stick shift at age 6, wonders why people tend to stop walking when they step on an escalator, and aspires to own a pinball machine one day. When he’s not behind the lens, he can probably be found driving a tractor, back in the fields of South Dakota.